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  • How to Leverage Customer Surveys to Skyrocket Your Email List Engagement
    Has your email list come to a standstill? Unfortunately for some businesses, the marketing campaigns designed to grow their email lists don’t always work. The methods grow stale, and businesses have trouble adding new subscribers. If this is happening to you, don’t get discouraged. I’ll show you how to add subscribers and increase engagement with customer  […]
  • How to Build Hype for the Holiday Season as an Ecommerce Brand
    This is a great marketing opportunity for your ecommerce business. You have a small operating window to effectively execute your plan. These are some of the most common days to mark on your calendar during the holiday season: Thanksgiving Black Friday Cyber Monday Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Year’s Eve New Year’s Day These all happen  […]
  • How to Build Your Email List Using Facebook Live
    How often do you use Facebook Live video streaming? If your answer is never or not very often, you need to change that. You can use Facebook Live for various marketing campaigns. It can also help you add subscribers to your email list. Leveraging your live video streaming skills the right way can help you  […]