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  • The Power Of Emotional Marketing
    Consumers think with both their rational and emotional brains. Study after study says that when we buy, it’s for emotional reasons. Logic comes into play when we try to justify the money we have (or are about to) spend — especially when we’re giving into our wants. Here is what one Psychology Today article says  […]
  • How to Build Quality Links From Resource Pages
    Every website needs to prioritize link building. Regardless of your business type or industry, backlinks help drive more traffic to your website and are great for SEO purposes. So where should you start? Resource pages need to be a major component of your link building strategy. In fact, 56% of webmasters say that they use  […]
  • How to Avoid Friction Points for Your Customers
    There’s many things we can do in order to encourage people to purchase. But if we’re not careful… We’ll push people away. These are friction points, points in our marketing and business that PUSH customers away. In many cases, we don’t even realize it. Friction points are one of the top reasons why your prospects  […]