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  • PayPal vs. Stripe For Ecommerce
    As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, building a website takes lots of hard work. This is even more so the case for those of you who are creating an ecommerce site. In addition to your website design, architecture, and all of the standard website elements, you also need to figure out how you’re  […]
  • Bluehost Web Hosting Review (2019)
    If you’re on the hunt for a new web hosting service, Bluehost is definitely a top option to consider. This platform powers more than 2 million sites across the globe. All web hosting services are not created equally. I see so many new webmasters make the mistake of just going with the cheapest web host  […]
  • Benefits of Cloud Hosting
    Everyone’s heard of “the cloud.” Broadly speaking, the cloud refers to remote storage. For example, you can store pictures from your smartphone or documents on your computer to a cloud storage space like Google Drive. This is different than storing files locally on something like an external hard drive. I’m sure you’re familiar with both  […]