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  • Create a Website
    Creating a website is overwhelming. Don’t worry, that’s completely natural when building your first website. When we built our first sites, it was so complicated. And so many articles and YouTube videos on how to create a website made it seem a lot easier than it ended up being. We’ve outlined all the specific steps  […]
  • How to Create An Impactful About Page For Your Website
    You need to put lots of thought and effort into every page of your website. But your About page is arguably one of the most important pages by far. Is it really that big of a deal? How many visitors will actually take the time to check out your About page? Well, here’s an interesting  […]
  • The Complete Guide to a Mobile Friendly Website
    Your website must be optimized for mobile devices. Why? Well, for starters, 80% of the top websites according to the Alexa rankings were optimized for mobile users. Plus, 80% of all Internet users have smartphones. It’s easy for people to browse the Internet from their mobile devices. Doesn’t it seem like everyone is glued to their  […]