3 Steps To Create Top Quality Content That Will Rank Well

When you create a website or blog, and you may have heard this phrase used before, one thing that will always matter the most is: ‘content is always king‘. Top quality well researched content is what makes your visitors return to your website on a constant basis, and also what motivates Google and other search engines to reward your website with high rankings. Quality content will always attract traffic on its own through both the search engines and ‘word of mouth’ in the form of social shares and recommendations.

So let’s take a look at 3 simple steps you need to follow when creating top quality content for your website or blog.

It Needs To Be 100% Original

Both Google and your readers don’t really enjoy rehashed content that is available elsewhere. They are visiting YOUR website to get information from YOU. So reward them with content that they simply cannot find elsewhere. This will get them addicted to your website and your content in general, meaning better long term results for you and your online business.

Creating original content is easier than you may think. With so much information available online, you can do several minutes of research into any topic and then be able to write about it in your own words. Identify issues or questions people may have in your niche, and look for the answers to those issues. Once you have the answers, write a detailed article taking your readers by the hand and explaining to them what the solution is. They have a problem, you offer the solution. It’s very straightforward and that’s why it works so well. It will help develop trust between you and your readers and Google will also take notice.

Look For Fresh Topics Of Interest

Every niche is always developing. New issues arise, new products, new questions, new ideas. Always stay informed and on top of what is happening in your niche. This will enable you to always create fresh content related to current events and developments in your niche. Without doing this you may find yourself writing about old topics that are no longer of the same interest, and you may lose readers because of it, or not maximize your traffic potential.

Focus On The Reader

A common mistake is to focus your content to appeal to search engines instead of readers. People would focus on writing keyword optimized articles that turn people off and make them highly unappealing. Search engines have gotten a lot smarter and can now detect if an article is written with the sole purpose of getting high rankings and will actually penalize the webmaster for this. So by writing for the reader, you will actually get rewarded by Google as well as making your visitors happy for focusing on them.

Follow these 3 steps and your content will always be top notch, highly shareable, and highly rewarded by Google with free search engine traffic.