5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid Like The Plague

Mistakes are bound to happen in any business. This is how we learn and improve our techniques to maximize our earning potential. And while you’ll definitely make some mistakes and hopefully learn from them, it’s great to also learn from other people’s mistakes and avoid making them yourself. One of the first things we did in our new office was to install an Internet Phone System. this aloud us the flexibility to use our entire staff while fulfilling orders.

If you are serious about developing an income through affiliate marketing, these are 5 common mistakes you need to avoid.

Mistake#1: Lack Of Patience

Affiliate marketing can allow anyone to start earning immediately without ever creating a product or service themselves. Get paid by others to promote their products and services, and make a living off it. While it may be simple in theory, it isn’t quite easily accomplished in reality. The truth is, anyone can earn as an affiliate if they put in the time and effort to create landing pages, build subscriber lists, drive traffic to affiliate offers etc, but obviously this takes time. It doesn’t happen instantly. You need to build your list, to rank your website, to split test ads, to advertise on various networks and websites. It’s an entire process that you need to work on each and every day. And if you do that you will see success. The lesson here is to be patient and not get discouraged if results don’t happen in a few days. Sometimes it can take weeks and months to start seeing constant earnings coming your way, but once you get there, it becomes easier and easier to continue having success. Patience is a virtue after all.

Mistake#2: Targeting Broad Niches

Another common mistake is to target your broad niche for traffic instead of going for smaller but more targeted sub-niche. Let’s take the high popular ‘weight loss’ niche as an example. If you are trying to rank your website for ‘weight loss’ or try to buy traffic for keywords like ‘weight loss’, ‘lose weight’, ‘best diet’ etc you’ll struggle. The competition is huge and you’ll have to beat out millions of other websites. While that isn’t impossible, it will take a much higher effort on your part than aiming for a smaller more targeted audience like ‘how to lose 30 pounds in 6 weeks’. It’s less traffic but also cheaper to get your ad across and easier to rank for.

Mistake#3: Promoting Everything

If you’re just interested in the commission, people will soon catch on and avoid you. People don’t like to have every single product shoved down their throats, so instead, focus on 1-2 products that do well, have great reviews and offer the best solutions for your customers and promote those.

Mistake#4: Not Caring About Your Customer Base

Don’t send emails to your subscriber list each and every day with new promos, instead look to add value from time to time and promote high quality content for free. Building trust and showing readers that you care will go a long way in solidifying your relationship with them and keeping them receptive to your affiliate promotions. Have a good balance between offering quality information and providing paid products or services in the form of affiliate promotions. Show your prospects that you care about them and they will buy what you recommend.

Mistake#5: Giving Up On The Brink Of Success

People have this tendency of giving up right when they are about to achieve success. Don’t be THAT guy. Instead, work hard on your business plan, grow your subscriber list, keep adding value, constantly think about your prospects and how you can make their life better, and don’t give up if the results aren’t satisfactory. You may be giving up right on the brink of success, and that’s such a big shame! Never stop reading and learning about ways to improve your business model and marketing skills, and never give up!

If you manage to avoid these 5 mistakes you have every tool available to you to achieve success with your affiliate marketing efforts.