7 Proven Ways To Drive Free Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Generating targeted website traffic is something that eludes a lot of people, newcomers and seasoned marketers alike, while others seem to just have a natural flow of traffic coming from all over the internet even when they build new websites in new niches. Why is it so easy for some to generate traffic and so hard for others? The reality is, you need to constantly work on your traffic generation, and also work on your website’s content, your offers, your products and make sure they are of top quality. Because it’s pointless to drive good traffic to a webpage if what you are offering isn’t of top quality. People will just leave.

Let us look at 7 proven traffic methods that are 100% free and will help you start driving swarms of targeted traffic to your websites.

Method #1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO can be split up into 2 categories. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. With On-page SEO, you are optimizing your website or blog’s pages to better appeal to the search engines. You add tags to every picture, you set short but relevant page titles, you don’t overstuff keywords, you use LSI to have good syntax and cover multiple topics and areas of your niches. You post quality content on a regular basis to keep your website fresh for both the reader and the search engines. Finally, you use your main keywords just a few times on the page you want to rank for without overdoing it.

With Off-page SEO, you are building quality relevant backlinks to your websites from a variety of sources. You do this constantly to show Google your website is an authority in your niche and should be rewarded with good rankings. Never spam backlinks and always look for quality. Remember that quality will always beat quantity, so don’t fall in the trap of building a ton of poor quality backlinks in short amounts of time – this is a sure way to get your site penalized.

Method #2: Forum Marketing

This is a highly overlooked method since forever, but you shouldn’t take it lightly. Forum marketing can be one of the BEST ways to generate free traffic to your websites. Forums let you create a signature file where you can post one of your links. The key here is to find big forums in your niches with high amounts of users, create an account, a signature file and start making posts daily. VERY IMPORTANT: do not advertise your services. Simply try helping people out. Start out by making replies in threads where people have questions or issues they need help or advice with. Think of them and not yourself, try to solve their problem, earn their trust, and they’ll see your signature, they’ll value your input and whatever you recommend. They will be very inclined to visit your link and buy from you once you earn their trust. Make sales by NEVER selling to them, how’s that for counter intuitive marketing? I know marketers who generate up to 90% of their traffic with forum marketing, it’s THAT powerful.

Method #3: Article Marketing

Write original articles about topics related to your niche. Make a list with the top article directories available that will accept a free submission and send your articles there. They will allow you to post a link back to your website in the signature of every article. Those are free links that will bring you free traffic.

Method #4: Social Marketing

Having social accounts is a must in this day and age. Post all your top quality content on your Facebook page and on your Twitter feed and let others share those articles for an unlimited swarm of quality targeted traffic. For this to work, you really need to spend time and create top notch content. Make it easy and fun to read as this proven format will attract people’s attention and make them more likely to actually read your content and eventually buy from you. Also post exclusive content on your social media accounts that you don’t post on your websites or blogs. These can be simple paragraphs of relevant information that will interest or help your audience out. Make it worth their while for following you.

Method #5: Link Exchanges And Guest Posting

Website owners love quality content, they need it because their readers need it and expect it on a regular basis. Find relevant blogs in your niche, blogs with good amounts of traffic and a loyal following, and offer to write a guest post. Most bloggers accept guest posting because it’s a mutually beneficial partnership. They get a great original article to share with their readers, gaining even more trust and potentially promoting certain products and services, while you get to put your link in front of a top quality reader base that is very interested in what you have to offer. For this to work however, you need to do impeccable research and provide them with something of real value, something that will actually help their readers. Also, the article will need to ‘fit’ with the general tone of the blog, so make sure to read some of their own articles and take notes on how they are formatted and what they have to offer.

Put these methods to work and you too will start noticing higher and higher amounts of traffic to your websites. You don’t have to do everything yourself – it is a lot of work without a doubt – but you can always outsource some of it. But you can also do everything yourself at first if you’re on a tight budget, all it takes is research and dedication, the results will surely come!