3 Traffic Generating Mistakes To Avoid

Traffic generation is crucial to your online marketing success, so naturally everybody wants more traffic to their websites, squeeze pages, blogs and affiliate review sites. But the way you approach traffic generation will determine the level of success you have. Waste money on buying poor quality traffic and you won’t last long. Let’s look at 3 common mistakes both newbies and season marketers make when trying to generate more traffic, and learn to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Not Understanding Your Target Audience

This is one of the most common mistakes new marketers make, and I also see this in a lot of people who have been doing online marketing(with poor to mediocre results) for years. There is no shortcut to success, and every new blog or affiliate website you create won’t just be successful overnight. You can’t throw money at the problem and expect it to fix itself. Whatever you are selling or promoting, you need to understand your potential customer first. Are you promoting a squeeze page trying to get more leads and build your email subscriber list? Are you promoting affiliate products? Are you selling your own products? Regardless of what it is you are promoting, the same constant applies: you need to understand what your customer is looking for. What their deepest most burning desire is. What are they really looking for? What will blow them away? What do they dislike and need to avoid? How will your offer truly help them and make their life easier? Why is your product/service/offer better than your competitors’?

Simply buying traffic to get your offer in front of people won’t translate to sales until you can answer these questions and tailor your ads, products, services and other traffic generating efforts to match what your customers expect from you.

Mistake #2: Focusing On Only One Source Of Traffic

In today’s Internet marketing landscape you can easily find hundreds of different ways to generate traffic to your websites. So why in the world would you only focus on ONE source to get all your traffic from? You may even be quite successful getting a good amount of visitors per month, a decent conversion rate and good consistent profits in your pockets on a regular basis. So what’s the problem? You’re leaving money on the table.

Let’s say you’ve worked hard to design great ads, the perfect landing page with a good conversion rate, but you’re only using Facebook ads for all your traffic needs. While you are getting some good amounts of quality traffic, there are tons of other places you could also be targeting and potentially double, triple or even quadruple your traffic and monthly earnings. Isn’t that worth it? Don’t be lazy and research into every single network and method you can use to either purchase or generate free traffic that will help your profits skyrocket.

Mistake #3: Not Doing Any Split Testing

Finding the correct formula should and will take you some time, otherwise everyone would be successful. The difference between the people who make a killing online and those who fail is a lot of the times made by Split Testing, or lack thereof. You should always be testing different colors, titles, pitches, ads, banners, techniques, landing pages to constantly tweak everything and find out what actually works best. A/B split testing is a must to maximize your earning potential, and most of the times it is what will make or break your business. Do you have a great converting ad? Let’s say a 5% conversion rate? That’s nice, but what if you could get that up to 7%? 10%? 15%? Would that be something worth your time and effort? That’s a rhetorical question.

It certainly is achievable but it won’t happen over night. So even if you think you have a great ad in place, and a nice landing page, what if you can do even better? Always test new ads and landing pages by using A/B split testing on simple variations to see what difference in conversion you can notice. You’ll be surprised to find out that the smallest of changes can bring an extra 2-3% in conversions. Do this constantly, never ever settle and stop split testing. Your market, just like any other market is constantly changing, and with it your customers’ needs and interests. Don’t leave money on the table.

These are the 3 most common mistakes people make chasing traffic. Understand your traffic first, find multiple sources of good traffic and always split test! Thanks for reading!