Affiliate Marketing Quick Start Guide

So you want to start earning money online but you’re confused and have no idea where to start. It’s perfectly natural to feel confused and even scared at first with so much information available, so with this article the aim is to provide you with a quick start guide to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be a simple way to start earning money online if done right because it requires no product or service creation on your part. The idea is easy enough to understand: someone has a product or service. They will pay other people a commission on every sale they generate for them. You pick a few affiliate products, promote them and get paid for every sale you make.

That’s the whole shtick. Now let’s take a closer look at the steps you need to take to put this to work.

Step1: Affiliate Networks

First and foremost you need to find products and services to promote. To do this, you register free accounts with several of the best affiliate networks. These are websites where people sell their products and also allow others to sell their products for them. Some of the biggest players in the field are ClickBank, Amazon or Google “best affiliate networks’ if you want to look over even more.

Step2: Choose a Product

Do a little research on various products that you notice sell well. Affiliate networks will show you statistics of how different products sell so you can make a good idea about their selling potential. You can also check how much you’ll be paid in commissions for each and every sale. Look for products that sell well and have low refund rates. Also consider going for products or services that offer solutions to a burning issue. Something that they need solved quickly and are almost desperate for. These types of products have hungry buyers actively looking for them so its easier to make a sale.

Step3: Create a Website

This doesn’t have to be anything too fancy. On the website you’ll create some quality original content related to the niche of the product you’ve chosen to promote. These will be informative and offer value to potential readers. You will also use an Autoresponder service to allow people to receive updates from you through email. Use either Aweber or GetResponse as these are the best. You can create a small 10 page PDF with some cool advice on an issue you’ve identified in the niche, and give it for free in exchange for their email address. You will need to create a small email series in which you keep giving out quality free content and promote your affiliate link at the end of each article. Make sure to read more about email marketing as this is a very large topic that warrants its own guide.

Step4: Bring Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Bringing quality traffic is a must for success. You can go for either free traffic or paid traffic(or both), but you need to constantly work on getting it. You can find more information about getting traffic on this blog, so make sure to read up on everything. In short, use paid networks to buy relevant ads and promote your website, and also promote your website for free on relevant blogs, forums, article directories, classifieds sites and more to get as much traffic as possible to your affiliate offers.

Step5: Start Earning

With traffic starting to come in, the following will happen. People will start reading the content on your website. Some might click on your affiliate links and affiliate banners and make a purchase. Others might not, but they might subscribe to your email list and get your free 10 page report, and your free email follow up series. They might purchase from one of your affiliate links in the future. Sales will start coming in if you focus on getting traffic on a constant basis.

These are the basic 5 steps of affiliate marketing. Make sure to read more on the subject and on every individual step as there is a lot to learn and process if you are just starting out.