10 Steps For Successful Content Creation

High quality material takes some time, effort, energy, resources, and knowledge.

This is exact same suggestions that can help you.

1. Select a Topic To Write About

Obvious, I understand!


a) Who is your audience?

b) What do they need to know?

c) What can you tell them that nobody else can?

d) What is your special skill? (all of us have at least one).

e) In one sentence what is the greatest lesson in life you have learned so far?

f) What was your most significant mistake and what did you find out from it? (Those who prosper the most also tend to fail the most!).

And most importantly of all with Content Creation: .

How does your content advantage the reader?

Will what you will write improve the lives of your readers?

The most successful bloggers succeed due to the fact that what they compose adds value to the lives of their readers.

Check out the following posts for more inspiration and ideas: .

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2. Selecting What The Goal Of Your Blog Post Is.

You do not produce material just to get traffic.

It might be to: .

– Make more money.

– Get more customers.

– To get more back-links.

– To captivate.

– To develop your brand.

Or it could be to simply improve a part of your organisation.

Utilizing this post as an example, we get dozens of writers contact us each week, asking to publish guest posts.

We desire material however it has to be fantastic if we are going to accept it.

Composing this post suggests that we can much better help guest posters write much better content so that we can accept more posts and get more traffic.

3. Research Keywords For a Blog Post.

Once you have picked your subject, you next have to find out what you wish to rank in Google for.

If you think, frequently you will over quite how popular the search term is.

We recommend you utilize Ahrefs for keyword research.

I will compose in a number of different keywords until I discover one that both fits my topic but likewise supplies lots of traffic.

Example keywords for this post: .

– How to compose an article (4000 visitors).

– Blog Post Layout (90 visitors).

– Blog Format (600 visitors).

– Content Creation (5000 visitors).

– Creating Content (230 visitors).

Based on these details, I chose to opt for content production as my keyword. Not only does it get more traffic than the others however it’s more targeted than “How to compose a blog site to post”.


In the screenshot above, you can see that the global search volume is 5000 which I will require in the region of 26 back-links from other sites to rank in the leading 10.

The Ahrefs app will reveal you a lot more than that though– and if you are serious about internet marketing and SEO this is the one to use. It displays the top 10 sites that rank for a search term, plus how much traffic they get and what other keywords that page ranks for.

The keyword you decide to opt for, should be what you call your article URL, so for example, IncomeDiary.com/ content-creation.

Obviously $99 per month is not an irrelevant sum and will be a stretch for some.

In this case take a look at busywithseo.com.

Just key in your URL or a competitor’s URL and they will supply a great deal of useful SEO details complimentary of charge.

A Back-links Counter is not consisted of in the totally free options, however they have strategies beginning with $10 per month.

4. Developing Your Blog Post.

OK, you understand your topic and you know the keyword/s you want to concentrate on– for how long should your post be?

The average article on the first page of Google is over 2000 words.

For this reason, I would suggest, always aiming to strike this number. It is not a set rule in some cases I go well over and often it is better to 1500 words. However it is a fact in blogging that the highest-ranking posts are often a few of the longest.

Selecting a category for your post ought to be easy enough, when it comes to tags, I usually pick two tags per post. It’s crucial that no post, category or tag need to be called the very same. So for example, if my keyword for this post is content production, I should not have a classification or tag called content creation. Only one page on your website can rank for a keyword and you do not desire pages finishing.

5. How to Display Content For Readability.

2 blog posts can have the very same content, but one gets read and the other are closed within seconds. This is often down to how simple it is to skim read.

Here is how we design our content: .

Headline (h1).



Heading (h2).

Headline (h3).


Heading (h3).


Heading (h3).


And so on …

Of course, you might likewise include images in, however as a basic outline, this is what we choose. You can see an example of it in this very post.

Other recommendations include: .

– Keep paragraphs short.

– Write lists since they are simple to skim.

– Spellcheck.

– Number headings.

– Check out: 9 Classic Headline Templates That Consistently Get More Clicks.

Errors to avoid: .

– Repeating headings.

– Starting 3 sentences in a row with the very same word.

6. Adding Images To Your Blog Post.

Images are very crucial.

We like to utilize three different designs of images: .

The screenshot, the image and the illustration.

Personally, I believe all post images must be the very same width, focused and should not connect to anywhere.

7. Optimize Text For SEO.

Using Yoast SEO Tool, you can determine rapidly what you need to do: .

– Keyword ought to remain in post title.

– Keyword ought to remain in at least 1 other heading.

– Keyword should be in first 100 words.

8. Enhance Images For SEO.

Well enhanced images inform Google what your post has to do with and helps to rank the page higher.

– Name one image the like your target keyword.

– Name all other images related to keyword.

– Add alt tags.

– Compress images.

We have written a lot about SEO in the past examine out 10 SEO Blog Post Publishing Steps that Most Bloggers Forget.


9. Add Internal And External Links.

Linking in your post is important. It’s another way of telling Google what your blog site post has to do with.

You need to add a few links to external authority sites discussing a comparable subject.

You must include a couple of links to internal pages on your website about comparable topics. (Like we have actually done here).

10. Marketing Blog Post For SEO and Social Media.

Among the main methods Google chooses where your page should rank in their search engine, is by counting links going to it.

The better your post, the more links you will get.

To get links, you need to get individuals to read your post.

To get individuals to visit your post, you require to name your post something people wish to click.

Marketing an article is a lot more than getting as lots of links to your post as possible. It’s likewise about providing your content in a way that individuals desire to click.

This comes down to heading, description and included images.

SEO Headline: .

Part of your marketing technique ought to be selecting a post headline that individuals will click social media sites and in search engines. However at the very same time, it needs to be targeting your keyword.

If you were to focus on SEO, you may name your post, Blog Post Content Creation Guide.

If you were to call it for readers, you might write, Best Article Ever Written About Content Creation.

What I recommend is you meet in the middle and write for both, Blog Content Creation Guidelines For High Traffic Websites.

SEO Description: .

Browse engine traffic isn’t practically getting number 1 rankings, it’s about getting as many individuals as you can to click through to your site.

Your post meta description must again be composed for SEO and for readers.

Included Image.

When you see a highlighted image on social media, a blog site homepage or in the associated posts area, you either notice it and wish to click, or you scroll ideal past it.